Introduction of new products and new technologies at the poultry farm starts with planning. The assortment list of produced poultry products is constantly updated. Launch of new products into the production is closely associated with marketing research of distribution markets. Questionnaires and surveys of consumers are carried out. Every year the head of marketing and advertising department provides the leading engineer - technologist of meat processing with proposals regarding production and launch of new products, based on which the planning of new products for manufacture is carried out. The number of new products planned for launching is annually included into the Programme "Quality".

The purpose of putting new products into the production is to strengthen the position of the poultry farm in the consumer market by systematic updating of the products range and meet the needs and expectations of customers. The procedure of putting into the production includes: planning, setting of production, the development of product labelling. When launching new products the following is taken into account: the availability of resources of main and auxiliary raw materials, the technical level of manufacturing equipment, information and proposals regarding putting into the production of new food products, the economic feasibility of production and sales of new food products. In order to meet the increasing demands of consumers and strengthen the position on the consumer market Vitebsk Broiler Poultry Factory, JSC is mastering advanced technologies, constantly updating and expanding the product range. The technology of packaging products in modified gaseous medium has been implemented. We are constantly working to increase the shelf life of products by introducing advanced technologies (new types of casings, food additives). Shelf life of frankfurters, sausages, small sausages; poultry products - smoked-cooked rolls, smoked baked rolls, boiled-smoked sausages and bird offal has been extended. Extending the shelf life has been performed due to improvements in the production technology, improvement of the industrial and personal hygiene, use of technological equipment and use of a new generation casings. Constant works on improving the packaging and labelling of products are carried out. A design has also been developed and a new labelling on the packaging of natural poultry semi-finished products has been implemented. Polymeric containers consisting of high barrier film of golden-yellow color are used for the packaging of products. So in 2010, the shop for the production of finished products was equipped with a vacuum packing section. The technology of package of finished products (cooked sausages, frankfurters, small sausages) into polymeric containers with lids using a gaseous medium has been implemented to increase the life time. Manufacturing processes are improved at the enterprise through the purchase of new manufacturing equipment. The enterprise has been reconstructed and a slaughter shop, a shop of poultry processing number 1, and a shop for the production of semi-finished and finished products have been commissioned, which has been equipped with the new modern equipment meeting hygiene requirements. Vitebsk Broiler Poultry Factory, JSC has achieved high rates due to the active implementation of policies of poultry plant retooling and modernization. Vitebsk Broiler Poultry Factory, JSC today produces high quality and safe products of broiler meat that meets the requirements of technical normative legal acts.

In connection with the launch of new products, as well as the purchase of new equipment for the meat shops, new manufacturing processes are being introduced. For example, within the period from 2008 to 2010 there were introduced and improved manufacturing processes of schnitzel packed in polymer in the slaughter shop and a shop of poultry processing number 1; manufacturing processes of poultry meat products, cooked and smoked-cooked sausage, products in group packages with the use of modified gaseous medium, vacuum-packed, dry-cured and dry-smoked products in the shop of finished products. Currently the reconstruction of the production shop of finished products is being performed at the poultry plant to expand the products range and increase the production of dry-cured sausage. The reconstruction aims to increase the output of dry-cured sausage up to 144 tons per year (when the increase of the capacity of the shop of dry-cured sausage amounts to N = 12 tons / month). The project envisages the expansion of the existing shop of finished products by the addition thereto of the reconstructed building of the electrical shop with redevelopment of areas and the improvement of attached premises, an electrical turning room, a hangar, construction of a transformer sub-station. There is a new washing room with two drying compartments. At the output of industrial waste water there is an installation which provides fat separation. The project provides an installation of prefabricated panel cold rooms in the warehouse area. Freon is used as a refrigerant. There are smoke units with electrical heating in the cooking room. The indicators of the effective development of the poultry plant are the following:

  • Performance of the targets for socio-economic development of the company (to bring production output up to 60 tons of meat in 2016).
  • Execution of the program of modernization and reconstruction within the period 2011 - 2015 years.
  • Supplying the region's population with high quality poultry products.
  • Increasing the production volume and diversification of products range due to the in-depth processing of poultry.
  • Improving quality of the products, improving sanitary conditions of their production.
  • Execution of works and activities for further automatization of production and improvement of enterprise management system, including the quality management system.
  • Reduction of production costs.
  • Expansion of sales network with access to foreign markets.