Regulations on the use of discount cards in retail trade shops of Vitebsk Broiler Poultry Factory, JSC 

I. General provisions.

1.1. A discount card of the trading networks of Vitebsk Broiler Poultry Factory, JSC (hereinafter referred to as the company) is a plastic card, which entitles its holder to a certain discount.

1.2. A discount card holder is an individual making a purchase of goods showing the discount card.

A discount card holder is entitled to transfer it to others in his/her sole discretion. Responsibility for the consequences associated with such a transfer of the discount card is laid on the holder of the discount card.

1.3. The purpose of using a discount card is the stimulation of consumer demand, the formation of consumers' commitment to the brand "Ganna" and the development of comparative culture of the company's employees.

1.4. A discount card has a unique number and works for the benefit of its holder.

1.5. A discount card has no expiration date. By decision of the company discount cards may be discontinued or temporarily disabled.

1.6. The discount card is not cumulative.

1.7. Discount program participants have the right to get acquainted with its conditions on our website.

II. Order of discount cards issuing.

2.1. A discount card is issued when a single purchase worth at least one million rubles is made, except if it's made by the company's employees.

2.2. The issuance of a discount card is performed by a cashier who served the buyer. At the same time a copy of the check is issued, which is a confirmation of compliance with the conditions for issuing the discount card.

III.  Rules of discount cards use.

3.1. A discount card entitles you to a discount of 2% when paying for goods purchased in stores which form a single discount system.

3.2. A discount card is presented at the cash desk before closing the check.

3.3. Recalculation of the purchase price with the discount after printing the check is impossible.

3.4. In case of loss or damage of a discount card a new one isn't issued and can not be restored instead of the lost (damaged) card.

3.5. The discount is not applied to the following products:

  • refined and unrefined sugar;
  • bakery products at maximal consumer prices;
  • packing containers, packing (bags and so on);
  • goods with discounts and at special prices;
  • cut-price goods.

IV. Concluding part

4.1. The company has the right to change any clause (conditions) of this Regulation at its sole discretion including a discount rate given to the card holder without any prior notification. Corresponding changes are posted on the website of Vitebsk Broiler Poultry Factory, JSC and the sales area of shops.

List of shops of a retail trade network of Vitebsk Broiler Poultry Factory, JSC which comprise a single discount system:

  • TC "Ganna" (Vitebsk, Moskovsky Avenue, 99),
  • "Ganna" No1 (Vitebsk, Ruba-2, Shkol'naya str.,16),
  • "Ganna" No 3 (Vitebsk, Chernyakhovskogo Avenue,42),
  • "Ganna" No 4 (Vitebsk, Lenina str., 73/2),
  • "Ganna" No 6 (Vitebsk, 39th Army str.,12),
  • "Ganna" No 10 (Vitebsk, V. Intennatsionalistov str., 1, block 3),
  • "Ganna" No 17 (Vitebsk, Chkalova str.,30а),
  • "Ganna" No 20 (Lepel', Kalinina str.,90 b).