Dear ladies and gentlemen! We are pleased to welcome you at the website of Vitebsk Broiler Poultry Factory, JSC — one of the largest producers of broiler chicken meat products in the Republic of Belarus.

We have been on the food market for over 25 years. Success did not come at the very beginning, there have been ups and downs. And we are proud that we managed to create a steady and successfully developing enterprise. Starting from the end of 90’s our state-of-the-art high technology processing facility has been established, the team of like-minded and result-oriented professionals has been formed, enterprise development strategy has been defined, which is focused on anticipating the needs of the buyers and continuous enlargement of the product mix.

We have always relied upon the high quality of our branded food products, and these are over 230 items and commodity headings. All our products have been certified, they comply with the technical regulations of the Republic of Belarus and formulations approved according to the established procedure.

Our products are well known on the market and have been deservedly appreciated by the most demanding consumers both in the Republic of Belarus and outside the country. And Ganna brand name has long become a special quality mark for poultry meat products.

Our success today is the launching ground for the realization of our most challenging plans in the future.

We value the trust of our partners, and time-proved fruitful and mutually beneficial relations; and we thank everyone whose choice is food products under Ganna brand name.