Vitebsk Broiler Poultry Factory, JSC today is one of the largest enterprises for the production and sales of broiler chicken meat products in the Republic of Belarus. 

The history of Vitebsk Broiler Poultry Factory, JSC starts from 1975. And from that time on every our effort was a building block in the foundation of our competitive enterprise.

A state-of-the-art high-technology processing facility, strict observance of the technological discipline, a team of professionals, and the best suppliers have made us one of the recognized leaders of the poultry industry in the Republic of Belarus.


  • 2005 — a certificate of conformity to the STB 1470-2004 obtained (Quality Assurance Systems. Quality and Food Safety Management Based on the Analysis of Risks and critical Check Points).
  • 2006 — company retail trade network already comprises 9 shops, 9 trading outlets and a Flamingo café.
  • 2007 — Flamingo café is renamed and is complemented with a summer café “At Ganna’s Place”.
  • 2008 — company trading facilities already comprise 13 shops, and another “At Ganna’s Place” shop opens.
  • 2008 — 8 new poultry houses for growing replacement chicks constructed in the Peremont village in Liozno District.
  • 2008 — a new hatching workshop put into operation furnished with state-of-the-art equipment. The workshop is located in the Mikhalkovo village of Vitebsk Oblast and is as of today the largest industrial incubator in the Republic of Belarus.


  • 1981 г. — the first stage of the factory put into operation.
  • 1989 — construction started to enlarge and renovate the production facility.
  • 1990 — a young breeder and parent flock workshop moved to a separate site and includes 15 pavilion-type poultry houses.
  • 1991 — a processing workshop put into operation, which is now renamed into the semi-finished and finished goods workshop.
  • 1992 — a number of new facilities partially put into operation. The fagtory’s designed capacity reached 6 million broiler chickens grown for meat annually.
  • 1995 — a network of “Pevnik” company shops created.
  • 2002 — domestic equipment of the young breeder and parent flock workshop replaced with more up-to-date Big Dutcman equipment. The company switched over to the Cobb-500 cross, which is characterized by high performance.
  • 2004 — work started to upgrade the existing equipment of the semi-finished and finished goods workshop.
  • 2005 — Ganna brand name registered.

October 3, 2005 — is an important date in the development of the poultry industry of the Republic of Belarus on the whole. The launch of the first in the republic killing and processing of poultry meat workshop involving a brand new and improved method for chilling poultry meat after slaughter — spray chilling (EMF — a German company — was the main contractor). As opposed to chilling with cold water this spray chilling method brings the risk of mutual bacterial contamination of poultry meat virtually to zero, does not make the carcass moist and helps keep all wholesome substances in it.